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Shree Radha Krishna Mandir Jirnodhar Tundi
Note: Your cheque will be deposited in trust account in India. You may send cheque directly to Parabhubhai Nagarbhai Patel in Tundi for faster processing.
Pratic Nathubhai Rambhai Patel Phone Home 209-564-1282
C/o Panna Paratic Patel Mobile : 209-613-8262
828 IBERIS WAY, Fax : 209-564-1282
TRACY CA 95376(USA) pratic@anandsystems.com
Add. Parbhubhai Nagarbhai Patel

At. & Po. Tundi, Ta. Palsana

Dist. Surat. Pin Code No.: 394310

Ph.: (02622)263720

Mo.: 95374 36932
Contact: Bhulabhai Mulchandbhai Patel

Mo.: 99096 80368

Miteshbhai Manubhai Patel

Mo.: 97274 40960

President - Bhulabhai Mulchandbhai Patel
Vise President - MiteshBhai Manubhai Desai
Secretary - BhaveshBhai Thakorbhai Patel
Trusty - PratikBhai Gordhanbhai Patel
Trusty - Dineshbhai Bhogilal Patel
Trusty - PradipBhai Bhikhubhai Patel
Trusty - Yogeshbhai Maganbhai Patel
Nathubhai Rambhai Patel Balvantbhai Bhikhubhai Patel
Thakorbhai Kuberbhai Patel Pankajbhai Ramanbhai Patel
Jigneshbhai Ravindrabhai Patel Satishbhai Dhirubhai Patel
Natvarbhai Parbhubhai Patel Parbhubhai Nagarbhai Patel
Dashrathbhai Balvantbhai Patel (Cashier)
Sureshbhai Dahyabhai Patel Chhaganbhai Haribhai Bhavsar
Vinodbhai Nathubhai Patel Vinodbhai Gopalbhai Patel
Bhikhubhai Madhubhai Ahir Gordhanbhai Thakorbhai Patel
Rameshbhai ishwarbhai Patel Jayantibhai Manibhai Patel
Jatinbhai Parbhubhai Patel Priyankbhai Bhulabhai Patel
N.R.I WellWisher
Mohanbhai Ranchhodbhai jivan(Radhe Radhe) Arvindbhai Ramubhai Patel Zaverbhai Jagubhai Patel
Hasmukhbhai Thakorbhia Patel Rohitbhai Manubhai Patel Dr.Bipinbhai Mohanbhai Patel
Manharbhai Thakorbhai Patel Maheshbhai Bhikhubhai Patel Jitubhai Parbhubhai Patel
Jayprakashbhai mohanbhai Patel Hasmukhbhai Khandubhai Patel Jayantibhai Parbhubhai Patel
Pratikbhai Nathubhai Patel Arunbhai Mulchandbhai Patel Jayantibhai Dullbhbhai Patel
Dineshbhai Chhaganbhai Patel Sudhirbhai Chhaganbhai Patel Hasmukhbhai Govindbhai Patel
Sanjaybhai mohanbhai Patel Girishbhai Kevalbhai Patel Dr.Amulbhai Grodhanbhai Patel
Thakorbhai Bhikhubhai Patel Thakorbhai Maganbhai Patel Ramanbhai Nathubhai Patel
Bhupendrabhai Bhikhubhai Patel Sanjaybhai Dahyabhai Patel Sureshbhai Parbhubhai Patel
Pankajbhai Maganbhai Patel Rajarambhai Nathubhai Patel Rameshbhai Jagabhai Patel
Sureshbhai Parbhubhai Patel Pareshbhai Dayarambhai Patel Manojbhai Hirabhai Patel
Bharatbhai Dahyabhai Patel Ramubhai Dullbhbhai Patel Mukundbhai Mohanbhai Patel
Mukeshbhai Gurdhanbhai Patel Anilbhai Ramanbhai Patel Shaileshbhai Balubhai Patel
Kishorbhai Parbhubhai Patel Bharatbhai Gunvantbhai Patel Balvantbhai Manibhai Patel
Nileshbhai Gunvantbhai Patel Prakashbhai Mulchandbhai Patel Gunvantbhai Mohanbhai Patel
Balubhai Manibhai Patel Lallubhai Chhotubhai Patel Mohanbhai Nagarbhai Patel
Jaynatibhai Maganbhai Patel Randhirbhai Harkishanbhai Patel Rajubhai Kevalbhai Patel
Bharatbhai Bhikhabhai Patel Dilipbhai Bhikhubhai Patel Kiranbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel
Kantubhai Lallubhai Patel Ishwarbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel Bhikhabhai Mangubhai Patel
Madhuben Manubhai Patel Dilipbhai Sombhai Patel Ravindrabhai Nanubhai Patel
Sureshbhia Chhaganbhai Patel Pranaybhai Chandubhai Patel Nanubhai Hirabhai Patel
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