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2018 Tundi Convention
Shree Ganeshaya Namaha
Respected Community Fellows,
We are very happy to let you know that your long awaited dream of, the people of Tundi as well those settled abroad, of renovating the Radha Krishna Temple at our Tundi village is going to come true very soon. The time has now come for the Tundiyites to donate money freely and whole heartedly. It’s high time you donate and money and make your life worth on the planet earth.
Tulasi Panchhina ke piye na sarita nir,
Dharma kiye dhan naa ghaste sahaay kare Raghubir
We, the people of Tundi and Radha-Krishna are synonym. Our God is Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is known as the donor of life and heavenly pleasure. So, each of our villages are ornate with the temples of Radha-Krishna.
We, the building committee and the people of the village as well as trusties have resolved to build temple the of Nav Grah, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Sarasvati, Gayatrima, Ambama, Lord Ram-Sita-Lakshman here in Tundi. Monetary fund as well as human power is essential for such gigantic and pious works. We come to you to appeal with the earnest request to donate freely and whole heartedly. We have resolved to finish divine work in a year’s time. Your co-operation would be like adding fragrance to gold. Your money will be utilized for good purposes only.
Dharma kiye dhan naa ghate, na ghaate nadina nir
Apni aankhe dekhiye yun kahe gaye daas Kabir
Mera mujme kachhu nahi, Jo kuchhu hai vo tor,
Tera tujko sopte, Kya jayega mor!
Friends, God has given us and we have to return it to Him. If we think philosophically, we are merely trusties of our riches. The owner is the Lord almighty. Let us donate freely and bag punya. May you respond well to those who come to your door.
When the daughter of Tundi bade adieu to the village after marriage, they seek bliss at the Radha Krishna temple from Gods and Goddessess. Similarly daughter-in-law also go to seek blessings when they come here. Let us co-operate in this auspicious task.
We pray for your better welfare, We pray for your family,
We pray for your business and industry, We pray for your desires.
May all of your dreams come true.
We pray to Radha Krishna whole heartedly.
We are the,
President, Secretary,
RadhaKrishna mandir Trust Committee, Construction Committee, Tundi.
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